Regular Shares:
  All shares are insured up to the maximum of $250,000.00 by the National Credit Union Administration. You must have a savings share account in order to have any other services with us. Statements will be provided quarterly. If you have a share draft account or an ATM card, statements will be provided monthly.
Share Draft Accounts:
  Members opening a share draft account (checking account) receive an all-inclusive monthly statement. There is no minimum balance required or service charge. The only fees you will be charged are for the cost of checks and any overdrafts. Applicant must be at least 18 years of age-16 with parent or legal guardian on the account.
Christmas Club Accounts:
  Christmas Club Accounts can be setup at any time a member wants to start saving for Christmas. There is no required minimum balance and no set deposit amounts. Deposits are accepted at any time for any amount.
Individual Retirement Accounts:
We offer Traditional, Roth and The Coverdell Education Savings Account (formerly the Education IRA) IRAs. Competitive rates of interest are paid to holders of these accounts monthly. There is no required minimum deposit.
Term Share Certificates:
We offer our certificates in terms of 12 month, 18 month, 24 month and 30 month. All require a minimum deposit of $1000.00.
Check Cards:
Our check card/ATM cash cards have the MasterCard logo on them so they can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted or it can be used to get cash out of the ATM machine. When used as a check card, the money is then withdrawn right out of your checking account.
VISA Cards:
We have a low fixed rate of 9.99%. No annual fee. You can pay your VISA bill and manage your VISA account online at or you can pay your VISA bill at Moline Municipal Credit Union.
Direct Deposit:
We will accept direct deposits from any employer. You may set it up through your employer or with Moline Municipal Credit Union.

• Credit Life and Disability

Moline Municipal Credit Union offers Credit Life and Disability insurance on our loan products. The insurance premium is included in your loan payment.

  • Auto - Truck Loans
• Boat Loans
• Motorcycle Loans
• Signature Loans
• Real Estate Loans
• Home Equity Loans
Other Services:
  • Free Notary Public
• Western Union Wire Transfers
• Financial Institution to Financial Institution Wire Transfers
• New/Used Car Cost Guide
• VISA Gift Cards